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Jaina is a native Memphian who found her love of dance very early in life.  She began her dance career with tap, jazz, and ballet at the age of six.  In 2001 she found what would be her calling in Middle Eastern Dance, or better known as the art of Bellydance..

Jaina’s fun-loving, easygoing attitude has captivated audiences all over the Mid-South. She has studied under the likes of Sadiia, Shanna of Little Rock, Leila Gamal,Rachel Brice, and Linda of Nashville. 

She specializes in Folkloric, Raks Assaya (cane), Gypsy, Khaleegy, Pharonic, Bollywood, Spanish Fusion, American Tribal Style and Greek dance.

  Let her add a special touch to your party, wedding, or  business gathering.
She is also available for Harem Parties or individual private classes.