Jaina Bellydance

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The Lotus Dancers Student Troupe




 Amil Shamaya

 I joined Jaina's class for the exercising purposes. Once I was in the class I discovered bellydance was so much more than I ever imagined. Being a part of this troupe has increased my self esteem and given me sisters that are so amazing. Bellydancing has truly changed my life for the better. I leave class with a feeling I have never experienced before.





 Tandava Nishi

Joining Jaina bellydance and becoming a member of the Lotus has been a life changing experience for me. Learning to belly dance does have many health benefits but it's the internal journey and the gathering of new sisters in dance that has brought me the greatest joy. As an instructor, Jaina is exceptionally knowlegable in her art. She is very encouraging and patient. Her passion is contagious!!





                                                                      Yasmin Padma                                                                     

I started bellydancing as another way to exercise & become more graceful. I have met several wonderful people, who have become friends, while doing this & my Instructor Jaina, is both patient & knowledgeable. She instructs in a manner easy to understand & is very supportive. I never thought I would be telling others about how much I enjoy bellydancing, let alone showing Friends, Family & Co-workers what I have learned. I feel I am so much more graceful & more in tune with my body than I ever have been before. It is something that I really enjoy doing & hope to be able to do for years to come.



 Raji Keva

 I have finally found the one thing that I enjoy that is helping me exercise and get healthy. I have also found something for myself to help me find a center and to express my creativity and my joy for life. I hope to be dancing for a very long time.





  Maia Suvali